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CJMCU-1308 STM32F103C8T6 ST MCU Development Board Module ARM STM32 32Bit Cortex TM-M3 CPU USB Interface

Price: 6.19 USD

5PCS/Lot Epoxy Fiber FR4 Copper Clad Plate Laminate Circuit Board Double Side PCB 75 x 100 x 1.5mm 10X7.5cm DIY

Price: 3.16 USD

1 Reel x 1206L Series PTC 6V 8V 15V 13.2V 30V POLYFUSE 1206 SMD Fuses Resettable PTC Fuse For Littelfuse Resistor

Price: 75 USD

Double faces outdoor light board light box

Price: 118.21 USD

10PCS HT7833-1 HT7833 SOT89 SOT 7833-1 SMD 7833-A 7833 new original

Price: 1.53 USD

ZYNQ7000, ZYNQ, Kintex-7 development board, XC7Z100, Sata, PCIe, 10G Ethernet

Price: 850 USD

Protection type carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for agriculture Transmitter Detecting instrument BMG-CO2-NDIR

Price: 888 USD

New 300PCS/Lot SMD Resistance 0805 1K +/- 5% 1/8W Chip Resistors Wholesale Electronic

Price: 1.58 USD

300PCS/LOT 2W Metal Film Resistor Kit 1% Resistor Assorted Kit Set 10 ohm-1M ohm Resistance Pack 30 Values Each 10 pcs

Price: 9.09 USD

Free shipping Infrared laser sight sensor Infrared temperature sensor 0-800 degree

Price: 440 USD

2 set/2 lot 433MHz 100 Meters Wireless Module Kit (ASK Transmitter STX882+ ASK Receiver SRX882 + 2Pcs Copper Spring Antenna)

Price: 4.4 USD

5pcs UP6122AF QFN-16 UP6122 new original

Price: 2.56 USD

100KV Super High Voltage Generator DC 3.7V-6V Inverter High Voltage Pulse Generator Ignition Coil 2cm Igniter Arc Generator

Price: 3.79 USD

10pcs 2XAA Battery Holder 3V Plastic Box Battery Storage Case Socket with Cable Wire Lead 2 X AA

Price: 3.99 USD

5pcs/lot MP3/FM Radio Pull Rod Antenna Refit 360 degree adjustable DIY Parts Accessories More convenient installation

Price: 4.89 USD

AD/DA module sub card THDB-ADA high speed data acquisition Match the DE2-115 DE0-NANO development board

Price: 488 USD

Double power rectifier filter, high grade amplifier power board, 2 groups of parallel output with safety tube, PCB empty board

Price: 698 USD